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What's the deal with TRA's Job Ready Program?

The JRP is an employment-based skills assessment program from Trades Recognition Australia (TRA), for international student graduates with an Australian qualification. You'll be looking into this when planning to obtain your skills assessment for occupations including Chef, Auto Mechanic and Plumber.

What is Job Ready Program (JRP)

The Job Ready Program (JRP) is an employment-based skills assessment program provides applicants with the opportunity to develop their skills and gain employment experience in an Australian workplace before applying to the Department of Home Affairs for a skills migration visa.

What is the four-step program under JRP

  1. PSA-Provisional Skills Assessment

  2. JRE-Job Ready Employment

  3. JRWA-Job Ready Work Assessment

  4. JRFA-Job Ready Final Assessment

Note: Each step must be completed before progressing to the next step. A successful PSA outcome can be used to apply to the Department of Home Affairs for a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485). To apply for a 485 visa, your occupation must be listed on the Skilled Occupation List on the Department of Home Affairs website.

How to apply

To apply for the program you must register for the JRP through the TRA Online Portal via the TRA website

How much does it cost?

Step 1-Provisional Skills Assessment $200

Step 2-Job Ready Employment $450

Step 3-Job Ready Workplace Assessment $2540

Step 4-Job Ready Final Assessment $65

Feel free to book in a consultation for detailed advice and steps!

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