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How to prepare for your Student Visa application?

Document Checklist

The document requirements for student visa applications vary from country of residence and type of course, to say the least. So, for starters, you would want to check out the Department's Document Checklist Tool.

Clear and translated copies

Ensure your documents are in clear colour scans or certified true copies if they are in black and white. All non-English documents must be translated and if you are in Australia, translations must be NAATI-certified.

Certificate of Enrolment (CoE)

Best to attach certificates of enrolment as your evidence of enrolment. If you are onshore you could attached a letter of offer instead however, I generally advise my clients to have a CoE in hand by time of application.

Overseas Student Health Insurance (OSHC)

Before you start your application, you should have your OSHC purchased with your insruance certificate ready for attachment. Your policy start date should be the start date of your course and end two months after your course. Your student visa will not be granted for longer than your OSHC duration.

Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement

This is an important document. The Department of Home Affairs want to see that you intend to genuinely study in Australia and would like to hear from you on this. You should address considerations like rationale of your selected course and institution as well as how it supplements your personal career development plans. Two A4 pages as a guide will do.

Feel free to book a consultation to compare and discuss your student visa plans.

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